Something seems familiar in Quartzite

Somebody else got arrested in Quartzsite, AZ, according to The Desert Freedom Press 2 September 2011:
Local Realtor Doug Gilford has gained notoriety as the blogger and videographer who filmed the unlawful removal of Desert Freedom Press Publisher Jennifer Jones, from a June 28th town council meeting. The video has been viewed almost two hundred thousand times on Gilford’s YouTube channel.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3:30 Gilford was at the counter in Town Hall, filing an open records request for town hall feed surveillance tape when Assistant Town Manager Al Johnson confronted Gilford. Apparently feeling threatened, Gilford set his camera on the counter but didn’t hit record, when suddenly Johnson snatched it from across the counter. When Gilford called for police assistance, he ended up being arrested instead of Johnson.

Well, I suppose there are several morals here, such as never set your camera down, never go into a public office alone, etc.

But that’s not what seems familiar. Oh, here it is:

Gilford has been for driving around town with a large sign directed at the Quartzsite Town Council that reads: “GO QUIT RESIGN!”
I’ve got it! Gilford reminds me of Roy Taylor and his get rid of the mayor signs! Hey, just my opinion Roy!

The situation in Quartzsite is much weirder than that, what with the mayor backing the citizens, the council apparently backing the police chief, who has put most of his department on leave for whistleblowing, I can’t keep up with it.