Comprehensive Plan Update Due

Hm, does Lowndes County also have to provide an update for the Comprehensive Plan? If so, where is it? And how are we to find out about it?

Found in the August Valdosta Planners Post:

STWP Update Due Fall 2011

The five‐year Short Term Work Plan (STWP) for the 2030 Greater Lowndes County Comprehensive Plan is due for an update later this year. The STWP is a key implementation tool that reflects the activities and strategies to support the Comprehensive Plan goals, which the City of Valdosta has undertaken for the past five years (2007‐2011). It also sets future activities and strategies for the next five years (2012‐2017). A ‘report of accomplishments’ that identifies the current status of each activity in the current STWP must be submitted to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. A local public hearing must be held and a local resolution passed in order to adopt a the STWP update. Please check our website at for news and meeting schedules related to the STWP update.
According to the FAQ for the 2030 Greater Lowndes Comprehensive Plan:

How often is the Comprehensive Plan updated?

The State of Georgia requires local governments to update their Comprehensive Plan every 10 years, which is the update currently underway. Every 5 years the Short Term Work Program of the Plan is updated. Following completion of the current update, staff foresees minor amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to occur on an annual basis. These updates will ensure the plan correctly depicts the community’s goals as development and growth occur.

How can I be involved in the update process of the Plan?

This website is a great tool for staying up to date on the comprehensive planning process. Drafts of the plan will be available for review on this site along with newsletters providing updates every other month. Additionally, throughout the planning process, there will be several opportunities for citizen involvement. Staff will hold meetings in the County and in each of the municipalities to meet with citizens regarding their input on community growth and development. As mentioned above, one section of the Comprehensive Plan is the Community Participation Program, which further describes the methods used to ensure citizen involvement. For more information please view the Community Participation Program page.
That would be a good idea, but the most recent events in that Community Participation Program are for 2006. I remember some of those: I went and reviewed the Comprehensive Plan before it was adopted.

But where is the community agenda for these updates?


3 thoughts on “Comprehensive Plan Update Due

  1. Tim Carroll

    Planning staff is starting to set up the agenda for these updates now. Be on the look out sometime soon for more details. To answer your first question…yes, this is the Greater Lowndes Comp. Plan. All local governments are part of the process. We encourage all citizens to engage in the process.

  2. Tim Carroll

    John, I cannot speak for the other local govs, but feel certain they are gearing up as well. It is all part of keeping our local govs “CLG” or certified local governments. It means we are fully eligible for state grants/funding.
    Plus…we are planning for needs, issues and growth. Thanks for getting the word out.

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