Georgia solar incentives

Tim Carroll asked in a comment on Valdosta budget hearing: no citizens spoke
Do you know of any grant funds we could look at for solar panel conversion on some buildings?
DSIRE has most of what I know about GA solar incentives.

There’s also the Georgia Solar Energy Association They have a page on incentives.

You may also notice Hannah Solar among GSEA’s sponsors. Hannah Solar knows quite a bit about incentives; their CEO Pete Marte was at the governor’s signing of the recent expansion of state incentives. More about HB 346.

It might be worth talking to Georgia Power. Their new CEO claims to be “bullish on solar”, they just connected Wiregrass Solar’s plant in Valdosta, and they’re doing various “experiments” and “demonstrations”. Maybe they need to do a demonstration above Valdosta City Hall’s parking lot….


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  1. Tim Carroll

    Thanks John.
    I have forwarded this info to city staff for further investigation. Who knows? I will get back with you and LAKE once I have responses.

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