Rezoning on Old Pine Road again: is anything different this time?

Has anything changed since the contentious Glen Laurel rezoning on Old Pine Road? Maybe yes.

The new case decided yesterday (REZ-2011-05 – Laurel Brooke), was also represented by Bill Nijem, who got up and started speaking for it, and after a bit said:

First let me introduce myself, there are new faces up here. Bill Nijem. I represent the applicant.
Assuming that Commissioners should just know who he is may not sound like a good start, But, as he already said, nobody was speaking against this rezoning. Why is that?

I would like to note when the applicant first submitted this application, it was submitted as planned development, and worked with Mr. Davenport, we did tweak the site plan somewhat, made larger lots, and now it’s R-10.
And that’s what the opponents of the Glen Laurel rezoning asked for. At least a couple of them were present this time. Gretchen talked to them later, and they told her that since this subdivision had what they asked for last time, they had no objections this time.

Bill Nijem even discussed traffic and accidents, which you may recall last time the opponents discussed at length, but the proponents hardly mentioned, and the Commission dismissed out of hand. Maybe there’s some improvement.

The Planning Commission thought so. They passed this one 8 to 0. The Commmissioner for the relevant district, Richard Raines, pointed out the Technical Review Committee (TRC) and the Planning Commission recommended two conditions:

  1. All lots shall front interior roads.
  2. Access onto Sara Road will require Sara Road to be paved to Bemiss Road. The developer shall be responsible for the design, any acquisition of necessary right-of-way, relocation of utilities, and construction costs.
Bill Nijem accepted both with no hestitation.

Raines moved to approve with those conditions, Commissioner Crawford Powell seconded, and Commissioner Joyce Evans joined them a unanimous vote to rezone.

Quite a contrast between a year ago and this time. When the county government listens to concerns of its citizens, things go a lot more smoothly. Maybe everyone learned something last time.

Here’s the video:

Rezoning on Old Pine Road again: is anything different this time?
REZ-2011-05 – Laurel Brooke, Old Pine Road,
Regular meeting, Lowndes County Commission (LCC),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 10 May 2011.
Videos and pictures by Gretchen Quarterman and John S. Quarterman
for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.