I sold 40 pounds of potatoes in an hour! —Gretchen Quarterman

People said they’d come back, but I sold out in an hour and had to tell them you need to come at 9! Downtown Valdosta Farm Days is a success.

I don’t have any pictures of me or my potatoes, though; sorry. But here you can see me digging the same potatoes.

Lots of vendors of food-related items, such as these bowls. and these butcher blocks.

Southern Specialties sold sweets.

Mrs. Mallory sold berry bushes.

Sweet Grass Dairy sold cow and goat cheeses.

Matt Sheffield is organized, with the big blue tubs, one for each item.

Look at those turnips! They sold out before I could buy any.

The brittle ladies (peanut, cashew, other nut brittles) also sold at the Azalea festival. Soap Co. sold soaps.

And of course Tom Kuettner from Kickin’ K was there with his soaps and his goat milk (pet consumption only).

Here’s Healthy Options of Days Gone By with their soaps and other options.

The very first Downtown Valdosta Farm Days was a success! Here’s Amanda Peacock and crew at the information booth:

More pictures in the flickr set. Videos will follow.

And remember, next time come early!


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  1. wow

    Those handcrafted wooden bowls are beautiful. Thank you Mara Register for working to get this going.

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