I don’t see a separation —Alex Rowell about CUEE @ LCDP 2 May 2011

Alex Rowell, Lowndes High School student, said he’s been volunteering at S.L. Mason, and:
I’ve been told, “you work better with black students because you’re black”. These kids are working with each other, playing with each other. … Especially in these lower students, I don’t see a separation. I want to know if CUEE…

When I saw your graph… You have Lowndes predominately white, Valdosta predominately black. Is one of your goals to integrate that? Is the goal to have a more integrated racial system, or what exactly do you propose to do?

I think the graph was this one supplied by Dr. George. The question remains.

Here’s the video:

I don’t see a separation.
Debate between proponents of school system unification (CUEE) and opponents,
at Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP), Gretchen Quarterman chair,
Videos by George Rhynes, Jim Parker, John S. Quarterman, and Gretchen Quarterman
for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 2 May 2011.


2 thoughts on “I don’t see a separation —Alex Rowell about CUEE @ LCDP 2 May 2011

  1. Leigh Touchton

    What NAACP has advocated for is cultural competency from our teachers, this is not necessarily a black or white issue. Often it’s more a matter of class than race; for example, far too many middle class teachers expect middle class behavior from children who are living in poverty and this is an unfair expectation. There are also deep-seated issues regarding black males that cultural competency won’t address: namely, that many black teenaged males don’t see any benefit to a high school education because so many of their family members cannot find work here in Valdosta. What’s the point to an education if one is still shut out of most successful careers?
    Consolidation won’t be the magic bullet that solves these problems, there aren’t even any CUEE representatives speaking to these issues. To most of our members, we think these issues will get worse rather than better if the two systems were to merge.

  2. Karen Noll

    I completely agree with Alex Rowell. What is the purpose of consolidation/’unification’? Is the purpose to desegregate the two school districts? If so, how will the new school district deal with the issues that Leigh Touchton brings up with regard to education not serving black male students. How will a larger school district better meet the needs of a much more diverse student body? Furthermore, What do the parents in the county think about desegregation of their distict? (Because if they don’t want it, there is no doubt that ‘unification’ will be a disaster for ALL)
    OR is the purpose to reduce cost by reducing administrators in the head office? If that is the purpose where are the students in this decision.

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