Got trash? Need disposal? Good luck.

So, as David Rodock reported this morning in the VDT solid waste management was a discussion topic for Lowndes County Commissioners, even though it wasn’t on yesterday’s work session agenda.

Interesting that a meeting was held after the work session. I was at the work session, camera in hand, and you can see what transpired there with talk of the jail , the possibility of Sunday alcohol package sales, oh and the animal shelter all during the County Manager’s Reports.

Nothing has been said (in public) about solid waste disposal since the public meetings where the pubic was told by Chairman Rod Casey and County Manager Pritchard that the county staff had “examined every option” and there was nothing that the public could possibly suggest that hadn’t already been considered.

The proposed plan (VDT Article August 29, 2008 Lowndes County’s proposed solid waste plan in effect Jan 1) was basically curbside collection (where no vendor could meet the proposed price cap suggested by the county) and what we ended up with was pay for drop off permits (VDT Article May 13, 2009 Solid waste disposal permits now available).

Joe Pritchard remembers those meetings like this (Update 25 Sept 2013 to add reference, “Commissioners want Lowndes out of the trash business” by David Rodock in the VDT 24 May 2011):

“I went through eight public meetings, better described as floggings, where the public just vented every ounce of frustration they ever had relating to solid waste over that time period,” said Joe Pritchard, county manager. “That was not a pleasant process. Yes, we need to come up with a way of notifying the public, but I’m here to tell you, that public meetings is not it.”

So, the problem (disposing of garbage costs money) still exists and the county has known that for years. Yet, here we are on the cusp of a crisis again and Commissioner Raines says

“My mind’s made up and I’m willing to call an emergency meeting tonight if we need to”

Why hasn’t the county been soliciting input during these two years that they knew the system was out of balance? Why must everything be a crisis?


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  1. Michael G. Noll

    There are some interesting parallels/similarities in regard to the discussion of trash and biomass.
    There is no doubt mankind produces trash, as there is no doubt that we need energy. What we keep forgetting, though, is an honest reflection on how we can be less “waste-ful”, both in terms of energy and trash.
    Thus, instead of reducing the amount of trash we create by implementing policies that encourage the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) we encourage MORE consumption … which leads to MORE trash … which leads to overflowing landfills, strained resources, and polluted environments.
    Similarly, instead of implementing policies that encourage energy conservation and energy efficiency, and instead of utilizing clean and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, we invest in dirty biomass plants (some of which even burn trash) … so that we may have MORE energy (even if it is currently not yet needed) to continue our consumptive lifestyles … which then again produces MORE trash, more pollution, and so on.
    Oh Benjamin Franklin … if only you could see us now: Your “Want Not, Waste Not” has for too long become a “Want lots, Waste lots.”

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