Community Calendar —Jane F. Osborn

Updates are available to the community calendar produced by Jane F. Osborn who organizes the Valdosta Civic Roundtable. She says:
…the calendar is not produced for civic roundtable, it is just a project of mine for the many counties that lost a source of information when 2-1-1 was discontinued.
LAKE will attempt to remember to update new ones in this web page as Miss Jane sends them. We hope you, dear readers, will remind us if we don’t.

1 thought on “Community Calendar —Jane F. Osborn

  1. Christine

    Three cheers for Jane’s Community Calendar and the Quartermans! This is the best place to get information on community events and volunteer activities, and I think that as online sources together, Jane’s calendar and JSQ’s On the LAKE Front will provide us with a gathering place and information source that we all really need. Thanks for all you are doing, folks!

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