Prison conditions lawsuit against CCA revived

Sheila Burke writes for AP that Appeals court revives lawsuit over dirty TN inmate:
A federal appeals court is allowing a lawsuit to go forward that claims that an inmate at a privately run Nashville jail was denied mental health treatment and did not shower or leave his cell for nine months.

Mary Braswell sued Corrections Corporation of America in 2008, accusing the prison operator of treating her grandson inhumanely and violating his constitutional rights.

She claimed that Frank Horton was mentally ill and deteriorated severely while he was locked up for a non-violent probation violation.

But hey, CCA’s stock is up!


1 thought on “Prison conditions lawsuit against CCA revived

  1. Leigh Touchton

    This is one of dozens of human rights abuse cases associated with CCA and other private prison companies. There are also more break outs associated with private prisons than with regular prisons, the reasons for this are that they cut costs whereever possible: substandard construction and fewest guards possible to save on labor costs.
    Private prisons are a detriment to the communities that host them. Thank you Brad Lofton, for bringing this to our doorstep and then leaving to raise your family elsewhere.

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