PCA air permit

Here is the latest air permit I can find for the PCA plant in Clyattville.
The 30-day public review started on July 14, 2009 and ended on September 10, 2009. Comments were not received by the Division.
Given those dates, this seems like the permit corresponding to the current equipment at the PCA plant.

Somebody might want to compare the emissions with those for the proposed Wiregrass Power LLC plant.

Here are some of the emissions listed in this permit:

This is a PSD facility; however, some limits have been taken to avoid PSD on certain modifications. They are as follows:
  • Sulfur dioxide emissions from the incineration of Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) compounds in the NCG Thermal Oxidizer from the LVHC non-condensable gas system, HVLC non-condensable gas system and the foul condensate stripper off gases are limited to 40 tons per 12 consecutive month period.
No. 4 Lime Kiln (Source Code 6063)
  • 131.2 tons/12 consecutive months of total particulate matter.
  • 119.4 tons/12 consecutive months of PM10.
  • 116.7 tons/12 consecutive months of sulfur dioxide.
  • 281.3 tons/12 consecutive months of nitrogen oxides.
  • 117.4 tons/12 consecutive months of carbon monoxide.
  • 81.30 tons/12 consecutive months of volatile organic compounds.
Recovery Furnace No. 1 (Source Code 7000):
  • Particulate matter emissions are limited to 68.87 tons/12 consecutive months
  • TRS emissions are limited to 13.75 tons/12 consecutive months
  • Black Liquor Firing Rate is limited to 153,966 tons of black liquor solids per 12 consecutive months
Recovery Furnace No. 3 (Source Code 7020): Particulate matter emissions are limited to 25.6 lb/hour Package Boiler (Source Code 1058)
  • Hours of operation is limited to 2,160 hours per year
No. 3 Smelt Tank (Source Code 7025)
  • Particulate matter emissions are limited to 13.7 lb/hour