News Media Whiteout Machines. –George Rhynes

The previous post may be evidence for what George wrote here. -jsq
Never, never, ever be shocked by Valdosta and South Georgia News Media Whiteout Machines. This includes local Television, News Papers, Radio, and our elected officials that are on the wrong side of history. This pattern and practice of keeping citizens deaf; dumb, and blind to the times as to what takes place at public meetings in own community and in the State of Georgia is no secret.

Omissions such as these;

has become a Highly, Honorable, and Respected South Georgia Tradition here in the Bible belt. Just be thankful; for the few of us; that did not consume that purple tea. Nor did we attend the party; where this purple tea was being served; apparently to contribute to the destruction and down fall of our beloved Republic.

So in conclusion! Let us all continue to love these new patriots and Christians following the election of President Barack Obama in 2008.

Peace, love, and overstanding always! G.B.R.
South Georgia NEWS! Don’t Print; Press, or Televise News Worthy Information. Keep E’M Deaf; Dumb; and Blind For All Times!

Video of George speaking to the Valdosta City Council about the MLK monument is here: District numbers and MLK repairs –George Rhynes.

Video of Larry Hanson talking about that is here: After all the citizens left –Valdosta City Council, 20 Jan 2011.