Greyfield Villas

Entrance sign Previously discussing the Glen Laurel subdivision on Old Pine Road near Bemiss, several of the people speaking against at the County Commission meeting mentioned the Greyfield subdivision. That’s Greyfield Villas; see the entrance sign in the picture on the right. It’s in Lowndes County but not in Valdosta; somebody correct me if I’m wrong abo ut that. In that picture it’s hard to read the sign in the background on the north side of North Oak Street Extension. Here’s a closeup:

FOR RENT by Blake Taylor

For Rent. Just inside we see a dumpster with For Rent signs on the houses on either side:

Two for rent

Some houses are still for sale; here are two, for $112,656 and $113,576:

Two houses for sale

Looking farther down the street, there’s a portapotty, a dumpster, a for sale sign, a pile of gravel, and what looks like another portapotty:


I like the dumpster. At least that means they’re maybe not burying building debris in the yards. There are more pictures in the flickr set, which was taken by John S. Quarterman on 15 June 2010.

So, there are houses still being built, houses built and not yet sold, and at least several houses for rent, including a sign right out on the main drag visible before you even go in. There’s nothing wrong with houses being for rent. And off of North Oak Street Extension may be a good place for them, with water and sewer, and near to jobs in Valdosta.

However, there’s nothing remotely like this on Old Pine Road or in Bemiss. Not a single neighboring landowner spoke up for the Glen Laurel development at the developers’ proposed density, which is about the same as Greyfield Villas. The room was full of neighbors against.