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Town builds its own gigabit network

And for about $57 a month.

Emily Chung wrote for CBC News 18 July 2013, Small Alberta town gets massive 1,000 Mbps broadband boost: Rural community of Olds builds its own fibre network and starts its own ISP

Ultrafast internet speeds that most Canadian city dwellers can only dream of will soon be available to all 8,500 residents in a rural Alberta community for as little as $57 a month, thanks to a project by the town’s non-profit economic development foundation.

“We’ll be the first ‘gig town’ in Canada,” said Nathan Kusiek, director of marketing for O-Net, the community-owned internet service provider that runs the fibre optic network being built by the non-profit Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development in Olds, Alta., about 90 kilometres north of Calgary.

There’s more in the article.