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Solar water heaters on Housing Authority building

If they can do this in California, why can’t we do it here?

Sustainable City Network posts, Housing Authority Completes 28-Collector Solar Thermal System:

The City of Alameda, Calif., announced the completion of a solar water-heating system installed at a Housing Authority building on Park Street. Designed and built by SunWater Solar, the system will reduce utility bills by meeting up to 70 percent of the 65-unit building’s hot water load. The system is powered by 28 Heliodyne Gobi 410 collectors. A Heliodyne Delta T Pro monitoring device will provide online access to system performance data.

The Park Street system was recently approved for a $42,785 California Solar Initiative-Thermal rebate that will help cover the system’s $139,000 cost. CSI-Thermal rebates are currently at their highest tier: $12.82 per therm of natural gas offset. SunWater Solar contributed to the development of the CSI-Thermal program and has administered $237,000 in CSI-Thermal rebates on behalf of clients.