Ashby, Mass. grilled pipeline company

A tiny town of about 3,000 people grilled pipeline reps for two hours. Why didn’t the pipeline companies fix the leaky pipelines they had before building new ones, their Board of Selectment wanted to know among many other good questions. Representatives from Kinder Morgan and its subsidiary Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) said stuff happens and those were bigger issues and basically don’t worry your pretty little heads. The locals weren’t buying it.

A Selectman summed it up:

We’ve heard a lot about the common good.

Ashby really has very little to gain and an awful lot to lose by the pipeline coming through.

The lead pipeline rep hung his head and then pumped his fist (at 2:18) before he managed a tight forced smile and went on to promise Open Houses.

Our local elected governments could do the same here, wherever here is, where you are reading this.

Here’s the video on Vimeo of the 23 April 2014 Ashby, Mass. Board of Selectmen Regular Session; the pipeline part starts at about 11 minutes.

Seen today on Stop TGP Northeast Expansion.


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