ZBOA considers UHS Pruitt variance at Two Mile Branch on Lee Street @ ZBOA 2013-09-10

Right about now the Zoning Board of Appeals is considering a variance on stream buffers for the medical expansion across Two Mile Branch, as promised at the Planning Commission and Valdosta City Council. It never flooded there before, right? Nevermind that flood control measures encourage settling too close and provoke severe flooding events and just yesterday I heard people complaining about water running over Lee Street just downstream from the subject location. How will adding more impervious cover right next to the creek help that flooding?

Here’s the agenda.

Valdosta – Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
2:30 p.m.
  1. Call to Order


  1. APP-2013-09 – RREMC Restaurants LLC (Denny’s; 1328 N St Augustine Road)
    Variance to LDR Section 214-7 as it pertains to exterior building materials
  2. APP-2013-10 — UHS-Pruitt Corporation (Parkwood Developmental Center; 1501 N Lee St.)
    Variance to LDR Section 214-1 Table 2 as it pertains to rear yard setbacks in O-P Zoning and to LDR Section 310-112(A)(1) as it pertains to stream buffers


  1. Attendance Policy
  2. Approval of Minutes:
    • August 6, 2013
    • July 9, 2013 (revised to correct Case # scriveners errors)
  3. Adjournment