Valdosta Farm Days grant

Received 12 October 2012 from Tim Carroll from Mara Register from Larry Hanson.

Lowndes County Partnership for Health The Lowndes County Partnership for Health has received a $96,858 grant from the USDA to continue to develop Farm Days Farmers Market, establish agricultural center that will serve the agri-science educational needs of area students and provide low cost fresh produce to primarily low income populations in our area. In addition this project will aggregate commodities from surrounding farms for distribution which will support economic development among area farmers. The grant will pay for a full time farm manager over two years, a portable vegetable stand to be used on a distribution route, travel cost associated with distribution route, and promotional and educational materials for Farm days and the agricultural center. City of Valdosta staff assisted in the effort in the preparation of the grant application. This project has grown out of the partnership between the City, the South Health District and the Partnership for Health with the Farm Days Farmers Market. The last market day for the year will be held on Saturday, October 20th.

Here’s the USDA’s paragraph on that award:

$96,858 to Lowndes County Partnership for Health, Inc., Valdosta, GA, for a community‐supported agricultural center that will serve as a food hub and educational center to increase access to affordable, nutritious, local food in low‐income food deserts in South Georgia by purchasing a mobile farmers market van, offering a series of workshops to train vendors, and establishing community gardens for resident use.

That’s good news! But please, can we not use this grant to move the location of Valdosta Farm Days? It’s got a great site right where it is, around the historic Lowndes County Courthouse.