Sinkhole in garage

In what the County Planner calls “central Lowndes County” there’s a sinkhole in a garage, deeper than a hoe handle.

Michael McCormick called me up yesterday and told me about this sinkhole in his garage at 4326 Norman Hall Road. Naturally he’s a bit concerned about this problem. He thinks his insurance may cover it, but he’s looking for other options in case. So far, nobody seems to know what to do. Which can’t be the case: this isn’t the first sinkhole in Lowndes County. We’re helping get the word out to help find whoever does know more about sinkholes and what resources are available to deal with them.

It’s not only straight down and under the carport concrete.

Far under the concrete Sideways

It’s also spongy towards the house.

Pictures and videos by John S. Quarterman and Gretchen Quarterman
for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 28 August 2012.

Michael McCormick and Gretchen Quarterman It’s not just in the garage, either. More tomorrow on the yard, and the shed, and what VSU said. And what about that new well nearby?