Wind for jobs in Georgia —Senator Mark Udall

Senator Mark Udall spoke 19 July 2012 about extending the wind energy production tax credit to produce jobs in Georgia.

The wind industry in Georgia has quickly multipled over the past few years. Nearly 1,000 wind energy jobs have been created. And equally important there is real potential for significant continued growth. And I want to focus on ZF Wind, which invested nearly $100 million in a manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, which is located northeast of Atlanta. This new plant will manufacture gearboxes for wind turbines, and that will bring several hundred really good paying jobs to Georgia.

Hm, that sounds like the sort of renewable energy business the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority says it now is seeking.

Sen. Udall also acknowledged the City Council of Tybee Island for passing a resolution promoting wind energy. Maybe our Lowndes County Commission or one of our local city councils could do that about wind, or about solar power. Tybee City Council Paul Wolff could explain how that’s done.

Here’s the video:

Wind for jobs in Georgia —Senator Mark Udall


PS: Owed to Seth Gunning.