Sharable solar

Beth Buczynski wrote in shareable: ecosystem 13 May 2011 about Solar Energy Meets The Sharing Economy:
Although it’s one of the only forms of energy to offer a 100 percent return on investment, solar energy has only been adopted by about 1 percent of the U.S. population. A recent solar energy industry report indicated that cost and complexity were two of the biggest reasons why people are slow to invest in solar technology.

Solar Mosaic brings the popular crowdfunding technique to the clean tech industry by developing a way for communities to create their own renewable energy without going into debt.

I don’t get the complexity part, since certified installers do that for you. But up front cost is the hurdle pretty much everybody local mentions as to why they haven’t installed solar yet. As I’ve mentioned before, Solar Mosaic is one answer to that. It’s one way of implementing what Alden Hathaway says about solar power is the people’s power.