What happens at the end of a Valdosta City Council meeting?


Regular monthly meeting of the Valdosta City Council (VCC),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 7 April 2011,
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.


Little joke there.

But adjournment is not the end of interacting with the city government at a city council meeting. For example, Council Deidra White stopped on the steps of City Hall to talk to people. Three people were there. All of us lived in the county outside Valdosta. Not a single person who lives in Valdosta stayed to talk to her.

Among other things, she said she thought she made clear at the end of the last Council meeting that the mayor didn’t speak for her. That was at the end of the meeting, in the “Council Comments” item on the agenda. However, apparently nobody stayed to hear that, either.


3 thoughts on “What happens at the end of a Valdosta City Council meeting?

  1. Thank You

    Oh, was Scott Orenstain one of the “truly concerned citizens” who stayed to the bitter end?

  2. George Boston Rhynes

    I was on the steps when Council Woman Deidra White spoke to us following the council meeting. I said to her that the Valdota City Council Members must speak out while the public is watching. Moreover I state that if they do not agree with Mayor John Fretti representing the “COUNCIL” that they needed to speak publicly so the general public would know their individual stand. Otherwise we put them all in the same basket and do want them removed from the council.
    It was expressed well that many citizens do not approve of city and county officials speaking and being so committed to the convervative radio stations and ignoring the majority of citizens in our beloved community.
    I said to Ms. White! That just sitting on the council like a dried up orange serves no useful purpose when all the juice is gone from an orange although it looks yellow and good. It is of no real value and that all council members needed to speak out and let their feeling and beliefs be known to the general public. I spoke about the Brooks County Commissioners that was fair and balanced at their last meeting.
    I only commented here to let you all know as Paul Harvey would say; The Rest of the Story! Peace, love, and understanding
    George Boston Rhynes
    A concerned citizen and brother of all humanity

  3. Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

    Thanks George. And then she said under the current rules she couldn’t reply. Which is when I pointed out that council members could say anything they like at the end of the meeting. Which she followed with the comment about she thought she explained last time that the mayor didn’t speak for her, but nobody was there to hear her.
    PS: Frank Barnas had already left by that time, too.

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