Michael Noll: “We owe it to our children, our neighbors and friends”

Appended is an extract from the VDT’s writeup on the Lowndes County Commission meeting of 28 Sep 2010. The “area schools” was the Valdosta Board of Education meeting of the previous evening, 27 Sep 2010. Much more about that here. The list of concerns Dr. Noll presented in writing is already blogged here as Let’s Think About This!


During the citizens to be heard portionof the meeting, Dr. Michael Noll reiterated concerns his wife, Karen, presented to the board during its last meeting regarding the proposed Wiregrass Biomass Plant.

Noll spoke about his concerns with the project and lack of straight answers he has received from the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority’s (VLCIA).

During a meeting held Monday night, members of the VLCIA met with area schools, Noll said, ignoring their concerns about the biomass plant.

Further, he said, the should be looking into the health of the citizens and the economy.

At one point, Chairman Ashley Paulk asked Noll to stick to the facts and not make any accusations against the VLCIA, as he would not allow them to make accusations toward him.

Michael concluded voicing his concerns with the dangers of the biomass plant, backed by research and study results.

“We owe it to our children, our neighbors and friends,” Noll said, to make wise decisions about the project.

—”Board won’t join city in opening clinic,” 5A, Valdosta Daily Times, Wednesday, September 29, 2010