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One Valdosta case, solar fence, Lake Park, GA @ ZBOA 2019-08-06 [Up]

Thanks to ZBOA member Gretchen Quarterman for making this material available.

Here are the PDF files she sent, and a LAKE blog post:

Below are images of each page.


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AMENDED - VAR-2019-09

[The applicant is requesting]
The applicant is requesting

VAR-2019-09 - SolAmerica Energy- LLC Tycor Farms- LLC

[Applicant request]
Applicant request

Requested Information

[Actually 6530 GA 376 (1 of 2) --Ryan Peters]
Actually 6530 GA 376 (1 of 2) --Ryan Peters

ULDC Application

[If this application is within]
If this application is within

Letters from Ryan Peters

[Amendment to Variance Request 2019-07-10]
Amendment to Variance Request 2019-07-10

Warranty Deed

[1 of 2]
1 of 2

Agenda 2019-08-06docx

[Page 1]
Page 1

membership roster - August 2019

[Page 1]
Page 1

Minutes 2019-07-02

[VAR-2019-05 — Josheua & Patricia Nealy (1704 Glenview Drive)]
VAR-2019-05 — Josheua & Patricia Nealy (1704 Glenview Drive)

VAR-2019-09 Notice and Wetlands

[Notice Sign]
Notice Sign

VAR-2019-09 Context Maps

[Lowndes County Tax Assessor]
Lowndes County Tax Assessor