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LAKE: NRC Power Reactor Status

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U.S. nuclear power reactor status from NRC data 2020-02-28 Chart by jsq for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange www.l-a-k-e.org 2020-02-28
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Browns Ferry 305000296BWR32 miles W of Huntsville, ALTennessee Valley Authority
Calvert Cliffs 105000317PWR40 miles S of Annapolis, MDConstellation Energy
Grand Gulf 105000416BWR20 miles S of Vicksburg, MSEntergy Nuclear Operations
Hatch 105000321BWR20 miles S of Vidalia, GASouthern Nuclear Operating
Saint Lucie 205000389PWR10 miles SE of Ft. Pierce, FLFlorida Power Light
Salem 105000272PWR18 miles S of Wilmington, DEPSEG Nuclear
Within the past month.