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LAKE: Board Packet, Lowndes County Commission, 24 February 2015 [Up]

Response to an open records request to Lowndes County


Gretchen filed an open records request for all the natively-electronic materials from the board packet, but all we got was the one rezoning item, REZ-2015-02 Devine for the 23 February 2015 Work Session. of the Lowndes County Commission. At least they sent that much by email.

* marks new material in here, different from when the same item was on the agenda two weeks before.

Once again, now that the agenda item submission pages are linked into the agenda, add the rest of the board packet material in there and nobody would even have to make a request, and no staff would have to answer such requests.


1 - 5
[Residential Zoning District (1 of 2)]
Residential Zoning District (1 of 2)
[Rezoning Map]
Rezoning Map
[Devine Subdivision Map]
Devine Subdivision Map
[Sherry Devine request letter]
Sherry Devine request letter
[Sarah Varnedoe Project Engineer]
Sarah Varnedoe Project Engineer
6 - 10
[J.B. Cleveland opposition letter (second page apparently missing)]
J.B. Cleveland opposition letter (second page apparently missing)
New Material
[*Crash Report on Old 41 @ Tillman Crossing --Mike Fletcher]
*Crash Report on Old 41 @ Tillman Crossing --Mike Fletcher
[*Sandra Wilcher opposition letter]
*Sandra Wilcher opposition letter
[*Photograph of traffic congestion]
*Photograph of traffic congestion
[*Carol Herrington opposition phone call]
*Carol Herrington opposition phone call
New Maps
[*Map, Lot Size Comparison, N. Valdosta Rd. & N. US 41]
*Map, Lot Size Comparison, N. Valdosta Rd. & N. US 41
[*Table, graph, Lot Size Comparison]
*Table, graph, Lot Size Comparison
Old Maps
[WRPDO Site Map]
WRPDO Site Map
[Zoning Location Map]
Zoning Location Map
[Future Development Map]
Future Development Map