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These documents were photographed and scanned at the Lowndes County Judicial Building by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowlege Exchange, 23 February 2012.



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Financial Summary

DatePrice$ Increase% Increase%/yearFromTo
2012? $2,907,000 $1,443,488 99% 20% N.L. Bassford JrCCA
2012 $1,756,320 $   292,808 20%   4% Lowndes County Tax AssessorAssessed Value
2007-11-14 $1,463,512 $   220,312 18%   2% VLCIAN.L. Bassford Jr
1998-02-13 $1,243,200 Camellia Investment Co. VLCIA
Prices in this table are taken directly from the legal documents. All percentages are rounded and approximate.

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