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Author: Georgia Department of Health



Further information:
Videos: COVID 19 briefing by Lowndes Health and GA-DPH 2020-03-12.

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Slide 1 What Do We Know About Coronaviruses? What is COVID-19? How Does COVID-19 Spread?
What are the Symptoms of COVID-19? How Can COVID-19 Infection be Prevented? Where Have Your Hands Been? How Can COVID-19 Infection be Prevented? Should I Be Tested for COVID-19? What Do All These Things Mean? Preparing Your Household for a COVID-19 Outbreak Preparing Schools for Outbreaks of COVID-19 Preparing Businesses for Outbreaks of Covid-19 Preparing for Community Mass Gatherings COVID-19 and Stigma COVID-19 FAQ COVID-19 FAQ Last Thoughts